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Shanna Doolittle — adult and youth drum lessons

I HAVE MOVED to Ventura Ca. For a limited time, I am offering drum lessons at the Girls Rock Santa Barbara building this summer!

Where: 810 Gutierrez, Unit D, Santa Barbara, Ca 93103.

When: Monday through Saturday, June 26-July 8, 8 am to 8 pm.

Cost:$30 for a 55 minute lesson, $20 for a 25 minute lesson

Who: Anyone! I specialize in teaching women, children, beginners, intermediate, and drummers who want to focus on creative thinking, writing drum beats, improvising, timing, fills, and having fun while developing skills as a musician.


I’ve been using Setmore to schedule lessons and it’s AWESOME. They made a funny drum battle video between me and one of my first Drummer Town students. Check it out below!


Shanna has over 20 years of experience teaching beginner and intermediate drums. She has taught at a number of Girls Rock Camp programs, Youth Music Project, Drummer Town, Revival Drum Shop and Rhythm Traders. She is currently in the two-drummer band STLS and plays drums at live performances of Hurtr. She believes everyone can have fun while being challenged to develop drumming skills, coordination and creative thinking. Students of all genders and skill levels welcome, regardless of age or previous musical experience.